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Polish farmers are raising prices for carrots

Prices for carrots tend to increase in the Polish market, analysts from the EastFruit project inform. Market operators call the seasonal reduction in the supply of carrots the main reason for the price rise in the segment.

Today, Polish producers ship carrots no cheaper than $0.33-0.46/kg, which is on average 17% more expensive than at the end of the last week. At the same time, most farmers having high-quality carrots continue to hold back sales, counting on even greater price growth.

Market participants explain the price rise in the segment by a noticeable reduction of carrot volumes on the market. To date, sales of carrots from non-equipped storage facilities have almost been completed, and the supply of substandard carrots has also noticeably decreased, which allowed producers to increase prices for quality products.

It is worth noting that carrots in Poland currently cost on average 1.7 times more than in mid-January last year. Participants of the fruit and vegetable market in Poland attribute this to a drop in carrot production in the country, as well as a decrease in the quality of carrots in storage. However, most experts agree that the current rise in prices is temporary, and higher price growth should be expected by the end of the season.


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