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Poland: Prices for Idared apples fell to the price level of industrial apples

Since Russia imposed an embargo on the import of fruits and vegetables from Poland and the EU, the sale of Idared apples has become complicated. This apple variety can only be sold at a good price in  seasons with a lower production. Only then and at the end of such a season, prices approach the prices of other varieties, analysts of the EastFruit project report with reference to the fresh-market website.

We can see a similar situation this year, but the prices for all apple varieties in Poland have fallen dramatically in the current season. As a result, the prices for Idared apples turned out to be almost at the lowest level.

To date, wholesale prices for apples of this variety are announced at the level of 0.40-0.50 PLN/kg ($0.10-0.12/kg). However, real sales of large batches of Idared apples are made even at 0.30 PLN/kg ($0.07/kg) – this is the price of industrial apples!

To date, selling Idared apples for Polish growers has become a real problem, because of an abundance of other apple varieties on the market, the demand for which is traditionally higher. Prices for almost all apple varieties are very low this season. Nevertheless, many growers do not want to store this variety for too long, since its cost will not cover storage costs.

It is worth noting that there are few Idared apples of good quality in the current season, and growers deciding to store them expect that prices will rise at the end of the season. It is also worth considering how quickly other varieties of apples will be sold and of what quality they will be during long-term storage.


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