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Persimmon is getting more expensive in Uzbekistan – prices are 70% higher than last year

According to EastFruit analysts, there is a sharp rise in wholesale prices for persimmons in Uzbekistan. Their average price already reaches $0.30/kg now, while last year it was $0.18/kg.

The rise in prices for persimmons provokes increased demand from wholesalers who are trying to store persimmons. Traditionally, they are stored for selling in the pre-New Year period, when their prices rise significantly. This year, the rise in prices is also facilitated by the fact that the season of persimmon ripening in Central Asia has shifted to a later date.

Do not underestimate the impact of the poor harvest of persimmons in Spain, the global market leader for persimmons. We recently published a detailed analysis of the influence of this factor in the article “Poor harvest of persimmon in Spain – is it a chance for Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Georgia?”.

Note that the export volumes of persimmons from Uzbekistan are growing quite rapidly and reach almost 100 thousand tons. The main competitors of Uzbekistan in the Russian persimmon market are Azerbaijan, Iran, Israel, Georgia, Turkey and China. Russia, on the other hand, is the world’s largest importer of persimmons. Kazakhstan that also imports large volumes of persimmons from Uzbekistan is second in terms of persimmon imports globally. Another country in our region, Ukraine, is fourth after Germany. More and more persimmons from Uzbekistan are sold every year in Ukraine. In 2020, Uzbekistan supplied Ukraine with a record volume – 1.8 thousand tons.


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