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Over 1 million unique visitors, EastFruit audience doubled in 2021!

The EastFruit international team would like to thank all our readers for their loyalty and interest in our work.

We are very pleased that in just three years since the launch, the audience of unique visitors of our portal has exceeded 1 million, having increased by 91% in 2021 compared to 2020. This secured the EastFruit’s position of the regional leader among all specialized fruit and vegetable resources. In addition, the citation of the portal in the world has sharply increased in 2021.

“At the end of 2020, we launched the English version of the EastFruit portal, and many materials became available in Uzbek in 2021, which significantly expanded the geography of platform users. This allowed doubling the number of Uzbek users who have access to high-quality and timely market analytics and in-depth market research. The English version of the website has increased interest in fruit and vegetables from the countries of our region. This is confirmed by many requests from large EU import companies for contacts of potential exporters of nuts, fruits, berries and vegetables from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Tajikistan,” Andriy Yarmak, economist at the Investment Centre of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), says.

“We often find translations of EastFruit materials into Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Turkish and Dutch and sometimes receive very unexpected and pleasant letters of gratitude for our work from all over the world. Recently, a large fruit exporter from Iran wrote to us, who said that he has been using our portal for several years and makes sure that all his employees read it regularly!” – says Kateryna Zvierieva, FAO International Consultant and EastFruit Project Manager.

The audience of our trading group EF Trade Platform has also grown much in 2021, having reached almost 20,000 members. Our YouTube channel has more than 2.6 thousand subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views. Our Telegram channel is also the Top-1 fruit and vegetable analytical Telegram channel – subscribe to receive the latest news in your smartphone!

But that’s not all! The global fruit and vegetable business reacted very positively to the launch of the EastFruit page in LinkedIn – 1500 people have already subscribed to our news in English! If you are exporting or importing, be sure to register there and subscribe to us – this is a very useful tool. We also have a very popular Twitter page with thousands of fruit and vegetable tweets, over 5,000 followers on the EastFruit Facebook page in Russian, and a growing audience of the English page.

We hope that we will provide you with many interesting materials in 2022. In addition, we are starting to delve into the most modern, environmentally friendly and efficient technologies for growing, processing, storing and marketing vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts.


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