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One of the main mistakes of the berry business is investing in crops with an inadequately high current price on the market – opinion

The price situation on the Ukrainian berry market has developed in such a way that currently even an ineffective producer without deep knowledge and proper agronomic support can stay on and be effective. However, over time, the situation will change and non-professionals will leave the market. This opinion was expressed by Oleg Bosyi, Development Director of FruTek LLC (Ukraine), during the online webinar “Major Mistakes in Berry Growing”, which took place on August 12. The event was organized by the Yak Bdzhola cooperative.

“Fortunately for these people, this is true (the ability to be effective in the market with inefficient production – EastFruit). Currently, it is possible to get a yield of blueberries at the level of 3-4 t/ha with a potential of 10-12 t/ha and effectively function in the market. This is due to the fact that there are such conditions in the market: having received even a small harvest, producers have the opportunity to sell it at a very high price, because this year the minimum price for blueberries has increased by 50%. Therefore, even having a plantation in the weeds, without watering and feeding, the business has the opportunity to earn good money,” explained the development director of FruTek LLC.

At the same time, he expressed confidence that “sooner or later the market will change”.

“An example of this is the raspberry segment, where currently only producers, who have well-groomed plantations and high yields effectively operate. They have gone through a two-year period of low prices and currently, their business is doing very well. The same will happen in the segment of garden strawberries and black currants. One of the main mistakes in the berry business is to invest in those crops for which there is an inadequately high price on the market at the moment. In fact, there is a need to choose those berries for which the price at the current moment is inadequately low because sooner or later non-professionals will leave the market and the price will go up again,” said Oleg Bosyi.

In turn, speaking about possible business failures, co-owner of the Dolina-Agro nursery (Ukraine) Oleg Bazyuk noted that about 50% of Ukrainian producers use an unsuccessful approach when laying berry plantations.

“However, this is a typical problem, for example, for Polish manufacturers. This tendency, in my opinion, will be observed in Ukraine for several more years. This problem could be solved due to the work of private or state structures, which would provide all the necessary consulting support to investors in the berry business,” said Oleg Bazyuk.


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