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One of the first centers of agricultural services launched in Uzbekistan

A presentation of one of the first pilot AKIS Agricultural Service Centers (National Center for Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture) took place in Yukori Chirchik district of Tashkent region (Uzbekistan) on April 2, 2021. This center, as well as other similar AKIS centers, which will be established and opened in 2021 and 2022 in all regions of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Karakalpakstan, are part of the Agriculture Development Strategy until 2030. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan notes that in each region, AKIS Agricultural Service Centers may have their own unique formats of providing services.

Earlier, on March 30, 2021, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban paid a visit to the AKIS Agricultural Services Center in the Tashkent region, where the Agricultural Services Center and the joint Uzbek-Hungarian Potato Research Center were solemnly opened.

A presentation of the new AKIS Agricultural Services Center was held in the Tashkent region on April 2, 2021. “The AKIS Center is our first step in integrating agricultural sector and science,” the Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan Jamshid Khodjaev noted. – We adhere to the idea that “there is no modern agriculture without science, innovation and education.” The center of agricultural services in the Tashkent region and everything that is presented there has a popular name AKIS (Agricultural Knowledge and Innovations System). We create and develop this system in cooperation and with the support of the European Union, the World Bank and other international donor organizations. It is important for us that farmers visiting the center feel at home, receive both knowledge and necessary services through the public or private sector, and can also purchase the necessary agricultural products here – from large equipment and technologies to fertilizers. But not only farmers will be able to receive the necessary knowledge through AKIS centers, we are focused on training and transforming of all state organizations in the agricultural sector. We understand that at first we might face some problems, shortcomings and time is needed to fully adjust and adapt this new system. We are ready to listen to every guest who is willing and able to contribute to the development of the Center and the industry, and we are ready to create all the necessary conditions for this mechanism to work effectively.”

“The fundamental element that unites all AKIS systems in the EU and other countries of the world is the desire to involve people and organizations to promote mutual learning, creativity, exchange of knowledge and information on agriculture,” the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Uzbekistan Charlotte Adrian said at the presentation of the Center for Agricultural Services in the Tashkent region. “It is important to use these centers to improve the living conditions of individuals, in particular women, and to ensure the sustainable use of our precious natural resources.”

Guide to the AKIS agricultural services center in Tashkent region

The AKIS Center is a new and unique platform for Central Asia, offering more than 100 types of agricultural services to all types of farmers and creating conditions for private local and foreign agriculture companies striving for effective direct communication with its target audience.

Thus, representatives of the agricultural sector can access a variety of services, including laboratory, consulting and legal matters, purchase agricultural products of a wide range, strengthen or establish new contacts and connections with other industry participants in the universal center of agricultural services in the Tashkent region.

  • In the PAVILION OF STATE AGRICULTURAL SERVICES, you can get consulting services and other support from state-owned enterprises in 17 agricultural areas, including banking, legal services, etc.
  • In the “LABORATORIES” sector with representatives of 14 research institutes and laboratories of the agricultural sector, you can get up to 45 types of services in 5 areas (plant protection/geochemistry and soil analysis/certification of agricultural products/seed production of agricultural crops/veterinary services).
  • Workshops, lectures and trainings with local and foreign experts have already begun in the EDUCATIONAL AND LECTURE HALL. Some halls are equipped for conducting direct online interviews with foreign agribusiness experts. To date, lectures of Hungarian, Turkish and Chinese experts have already been held for farmers and agricultural students.

Around 20 foreign experts from Great Britain, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Australia, France, Russia and other countries will provide consulting assistance in the AKIS Agricultural Services Center.

  • Farmers can use the services of OUTDOOR MOBILE LABORATORIES in 9 different ways thanks to equipped vehicles:
  1. Quality laboratory (certification) of food products
  2. Soil and Fertilizer Analysis Laboratory
  3. Plant clinic laboratory
  4. Veterinary laboratory
  5. Drones and IT Lab (Geoinformation)
  6. Laboratory for water management (water analysis, installation of irrigation equipment)
  1. Plant protection services (sprayers)
  2. Agroservice (repair of agricultural machinery)
  3. Landscaping.
  • A PAVILION OF PRIVATE SECTOR SERVICES “AKIS – AGROXIZMATLAR” is another promising sector in the AKIS Center. The market for goods and services in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan is now actively expanding and developing. Farmers can get acquainted with the offers of leading private local and foreign companies in the field of agricultural machinery, irrigation technologies, chemicalization, seed production, etc., and conclude lucrative contracts in this pavilion.

To date, 20 companies are represented in the pavilion.

The AKIS Agricultural Services Center is ready to further develop cooperation with the private sector, creating conditions for active communication of agricultural companies with farmers.

  • The agricultural market AGROBOZOR (at the end of the Center for Agricultural Services) is a convenient platform for both producers who need direct access to their target clients, and farmers that can receive detailed information on various agriculture products. They can also purchase these goods there.
  • DEMO-SITE (in the inner part of the AKIS Center), where modern equipment from local and foreign producers is presented, allows to get acquainted with current offers and a huge range of agricultural machinery in a short time and in detail.
  • AKIS EXPERIMENTAL DEMONSTRATION FIELDS, located next to the Center for Agricultural Services in the Tashkent region, cover 72 hectares of agricultural land. It houses modern demo greenhouses, refrigerated warehouses. 8 varieties of potatoes and 10 varieties of cotton, various types of cereals, melons and vegetables are grown and studied on the plantation areas.

In the premises of the Akis Center in Tashkent Region is located also first joint UZBEK-HUNGARIAN RESEARCH CENTER OF POTATO FARMING, where Hungarian specialists, working closely with Uzbek scientists, provide assistance in the study and cultivation of virus-resistant and other types of potatoes, using IN VITRO technology.

In the near future, the AKIS Agricultural Services Center is to be opened in the Fergana region.


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