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Not a good start for greenhouse cucumber in Moldova

Local greenhouse cucumbers (short, with spines) in sufficient quantity arrived on the Moldovan market relatively late in 2021 – only in the third decade of March. Until then, imported cucumbers were predominant, and the wholesale prices for fresh imported cucumbers in March were relatively low – 27-29 MDL/kg ($1.50-1.62/kg). Moldovan suppliers started the season with wholesale prices for local greenhouse cucumbers in the range of 30-32 MDL/kg ($1.67-1.78/kg). At the beginning of last year’s season, Moldovan greenhouse cucumbers were sold at no less than 34-35 MDL/kg ($1.89-1.95/kg).

However, in a situation of abundant supply and modest demand, the price of cucumbers decreases rather quickly. This was the case last year, and this is what is happening now. From the very beginning of April 2021, wholesale prices for greenhouse cucumbers, both local and imported, dropped to 24-25 MDL/kg ($1.34-1.39/kg). Moldovan farmers are not satisfied with this price, as they still recall that 5 years ago the first greenhouse cucumbers were sold in bulk at 50-55 MDL/kg ($2.9-3.2/kg).

Due to the negative price trend at the start of the season, many greenhouse producers in Moldova have abandoned the cultivation of cucumbers in the past three years. According to expert estimates, this season there is no more than 50 hectares of greenhouse cucumbers produced in Moldova.


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