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Moldovan traders will have to revise the apple exports schedule for the new season

Experts of Moldovan agricultural producers’ organizations agree that it makes sense for producers and traders to build a more balanced export schedule, namely, to increase exports this fall, not hoping for their maximum intensity in winter and spring.

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This was concluded based on the export dynamics in winter and spring 2021. According to expert estimates, Moldova exported about 120 thousand tons of apples of the 2020 harvest by the beginning of this month. Moreover, almost 84 thousand tons of apples were exported from the country from January to May 2021 inclusive. However, traders have fallen far behind the anticipated export schedule. According to the estimates of the Moldova Fruct association, about 10-20 thousand tons of apples remain in the refrigerators of horticultural and commercial enterprises. The chances of exporting them this month are slim. In previous years, the volume of apples export in June decreased several times compared to May – up to 3-5 thousand tons. The main channel for the sale of apples remained the enterprises producing apple concentrate.

According to the operators of the Moldovan fruit market, the problem arose due to the fact that the export volumes of Moldovan apples decreased last fall, contrary to the trend of previous years: in September – 9.5 thousand tons, in October – 6.7 thousand tons, November – 6.4 thousand tons. In September-November 2019, export of apples increased from 9 to 18 thousand tons. In the fall of 2018, they remained at the level of about 19-21 thousand tons per month.


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