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Moldovan procurers attempt to reduce prices for in-shell walnuts

This week, announcements appeared for the purchase of in-shell walnuts at a price of 20-25 lei/kg ($1.15-1.44/kg) on the agrarian groups of social networks in Moldova. This is significantly less than the average wholesale price for this product in the first half of January this year at about 30 lei/kg ($1.73/kg).

Earlier, EastFruit cited a forecast that the supply of walnut kernels will increase in the Moldovan market in January. The source of additional production receipts was supposed to be the processing of uncontracted stocks of in-shell nuts from the 2020 harvest, which, contrary to expectations, could not be sold to walnut farmers for more than $2/kg.

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However, to the Moldovan trader-exporters supplying walnut kernels to the European Union, the current average purchase price on the domestic market of Moldova for in-shell walnuts at the level of 1.5 euros/kg also seems too high. From this point of view, the bombardment of information in the country with offers to buy nuts in-shell at a deliberately low price – about 1 euro/kg – coming from small-scale purveyors who resell products to large traders-exporters looks like an attempt to put pressure on the market until it brings results.

According to the members of the Union of Walnut Crop Producers, there were no more offers on the sale of in-shell walnuts even at 1.5 euros/kg by mid-January on the Moldovan market. Apparently, purchases are activated only if the level of purchase prices rise slightly.


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