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Moldovan greenhouse table grapes are sold mainly on the domestic market because of high prices

Local greenhouse table grapes, mainly of the “Codreanka” variety, have been supplied to the Moldovan market since mid-July. The volumes are relatively small: no more than 2-3 tons per day, as the marketers of the winegrowers’ associations estimate. Most of the product is supplied from the vineyards of the Ialoveni region. The effective demand is also small. Therefore, we can say that the domestic market is in equilibrium, and the wholesale prices for Moldovan greenhouse grapes in July were kept at a relatively high level – 50-55 MDL/kg ($ 2.77-3.05/kg), which is approximately 5-10 MDL/kg higher than last year at the same time. Commodity surpluses, which could put pressure on a high price level, were exported to Ukraine at a slightly lower price in July.

There are also imported grapes on the domestic market in July, in some supermarket chains. According to the directors of the markets, they are purchased depending on the variety and supplying country at a 40-45 MDL/kg ($ 2.22-2.50/kg) and are rarely sold cheaper than 60 MDL/kg ($ 3.33/kg) in stores. At the same time, despite the premium packaging – casseroles and flow-packs – the quality of grapes in supermarkets is often inferior to the quality of those in the markets.

Greenhouse growers assume that their production will be on the market for two more weeks maximum. “Cardinal” variety grapes will be mainly offered during this period. The volume of grapes will be bigger, therefore, exports to Ukraine are likely to increase. Growers say that table grapes might also be sent to Poland.


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