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Moldovan exporters hope to supply tens of thousands of tonnes of 2021 harvest apples to Romania

Recently, 15 of the largest Moldovan apple producers, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Romania, held talks with a group of representatives of Romanian supermarket chains. The subject was large-scale deliveries of last year’s apples to Romanian retailers.

Horticultural enterprises of Moldova can offer tens of thousands of tonnes of high-quality apples of marketable varieties from modern fruit storages, in European type of containers. Many of the Moldovan horticultural traders who participated in the negotiations have GLOBALG.A.P. certificates.

Members of the Moldovan delegation claim that their main task during the dialogue was to find Romanian buyers who are interested in dealing with large volumes of high-quality apples and are ready to “pay more than the price for industrial apples in Moldova”. Meanwhile, Moldovan traders consider the current domestic market price for apples for export to Romania of 3 MDL/kg ($0.16/kg) to be only “minimal acceptable”.

According to the participants of the Moldovan fruit market, apples of popular varieties from the Republic of Moldova are now sold on the Romanian market $0.3-0.8/kg cheaper than apples from Poland. The only exceptions are apples of certain varieties (Idared, Jonagold), which Polish suppliers still send to Romania 0.1-0.2 EUR cheaper than potential Moldovan competitors.


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