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Moldova sharply increased exports of table grapes to the EU but dependance on markets of ex-CIS remains high

Representatives of the Association of Grape Producers and Exporters of Moldova noted that in 2022 exports of table grapes from Moldova to Romania almost doubled compared to the previous year. Exports of Moldovan grapes to Poland increased even faster – it has tripled in comparison to 2021 in 2022.  The volumes of table grape exports from Moldova to Romania grew to impressive 21 thousand tons and to Poland it has reached 4.5 thousand tons.

More than 1,000 tones of Moldovan grapes got shipped also to Latvia to reach 1.6 thousand tons, while in previous years it did not exceed a hundred tons. These top three countries accounted for nearly 90% of the table grapes exports from Moldova to the EU.

By the way, you can see how table grapes are grown in Moldova and meet leading exporters in this EastFruit video.

Nevertheless, dependance of Moldova from the markets of the ex-CIS countries has not declined, as shipments to these countries have also increased. As in the previous years around 60% were exported to ex-CIS and around 40% – to the EU.

According to preliminary statistics, over the past calendar year, Moldova sold about 78 thousand tons of grapes to foreign markets, including about 52 thousand tons of grapes from the 2022 harvest. Last year’s export figure is close to a record. Only in 2017 and 2019 Moldova managed to export more grapes when 80 thousand tons and 2019 79 thousand tons consequently were exported.

According to EastFruit experts, the total harvest of table grapes in the country in 2022 reached 90-100 thousand tons, which is also one of the highest figures over the past five years. In the structure of the 2022 harvest, the share of export-quality grapes by local standards was quite high – no less than 50-60%.


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