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Moldova exported unexpectedly high volume of table grapes in December

According to the customs service of the Republic of Moldova, about 12 000 tonnes of table grapes were exported from the country in the last month of 2022. This is unexpectedly high, given the fact that the exports of table grapes in November were very intensive – almost 15 000 tonnes. Many large farmers and traders claimed they shipped “the last truckloads of grapes” to foreign buyers at the end of the month. We also remind you that about 20 000 tonnes of table grapes were exported from Moldova in September-October last year. In total, more than 47 000 tonnes of grapes from the 2022 harvest were exported (including the production of summer varieties) last year.

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Meanwhile, according to expert forecasts, about 20 000-30 000 tonnes of grapes harvested in 2022 were allocated for sales in the autumn-winter due to the Russian embargo and an increase in the price of energy resources. This is even though the gross harvest of table grapes amounted to 90 000-100 000 tonnes, while 40 000-50 000 tonnes are usually stored in calm and productive years.

Two hypotheses can be made from the aforementioned. Either there were significantly more table grapes of last year’s harvest stored than experts from viticulture organizations pessimistically expected, or commodity resources in storage were exhausted by the end of 2022. However, at least 5 000-7 000 tonnes of last year’s grapes were usually left for sale in the country in January-March of previous years.


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