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Moldova dramatically expanded the geography of apple exports in 2022. Do Moldovan traders benefit from it?

According to Moldovan statistics, in 2021, the country supplied apples to 18 countries of the world, and the list expanded to 30 last year. The heads of ministries, departments, international donor programs, and local non-governmental organizations of agricultural producers believe this is a great achievement for the fruit-growing sector of Moldova. But is it so unambiguous?

All operators of the fruit market in Moldova interviewed by EastFruit analysts are unanimous that the reduction of the extremely high dependence of apple exports on one and only market, Russia, which previously accounted for more than 95% of exports is good. In 2022, the share of this market in the structure of Moldovan apple exports for the first time in the modern history of Moldova fell below 90%. Besides, the volume of supplies of Moldovan apples in 2022 to the EU countries came close to the symbolic mark of 10 000 tonnes, and exports to the countries of the Middle East exceeded 4 000 tonnes.

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At the same time, some agricultural managers, who wished to remain anonymous, note that “working in dozens of countries with their own market specifics and consumer preferences is a huge increase in costs: marketing budgets, time, hiring additional personnel, highly qualified and expensive”. As a result, “we certainly become better and more professional, but at least in the short term we earn less.”

According to these managers of horticultural enterprises, the best option for them would be cooperation with large apple buyers from three to five countries, no more.


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