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Mass sales of strawberries began in Moldova – starting prices are the same as last year

Large volumes of Greek strawberries have become available on the wholesale and retail markets of Moldova this week. The wholesale price is quite standard – 80 MDL/kg ($4.3/kg), the same as in late March – early April last year. There is no wide price range, which, according to market operators, “clearly shows that the circle of importers-suppliers is narrow and stable, and has been formed for quite a long time.” Over the past few years, early imported strawberries, as well as niche berries – blueberries, sea buckthorn, elderberries, honeysuckle – have been entering the Moldovan market exclusively from Romania, EastFruit reports. In the last three years, up to 80-90% of fresh imported strawberries – about 400-700 tonnes – are sold in the spring months.

The first, relatively seasonal imported strawberries became available in the wholesale and retail markets of Moldovan cities in mid-March, simultaneously with the restoration of the market trade. However, at that moment, prices had not yet been formed: wholesale sellers asked 120-140 MDL/kg ($6.5-7.5/kg) for strawberries and 150-160 MDL/kg and more ($8.1-8.6/kg) in retail. However, demand was extremely low. In Moldova, consumers more or less massively begin to regularly buy fresh strawberries no earlier than the end of March – the beginning of April. A somewhat stable starting price for imported strawberries is established at this time, which subsequently local strawberry producers have to count with. At the turn of March-April 2023, the price of Greek strawberries in micro-wholesale and retail, for some short time will stay in the range of 80-100 MDL/kg. It seems that Moldovan berry growers are unlikely to sell their first strawberries at a higher price.

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In the coming days, a significant cooling is expected in Moldova: up to +3-5 degrees during the day and up to -1-2 degrees at night, snow is possible. Even if the cool weather lasts only a few days, it will still delay the first greenhouse strawberry harvest from local producers for 7-10 days. That is, sales of local strawberries will begin on the eve of Easter week.


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