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Low prices for lemons in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan keep falling

EastFruit’s analytical article “Lemon crisis in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – local lemons are not in demand, while imports are growing!” where we explained the reasons for the decline in prices for lemons in the domestic market of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan caused an unprecedented public reaction in the region. Many disagreed with the conclusions, but no one provided any counterarguments other than emotional ones, like “our lemons are the most delicious!”.

Recall that the article did not touch on the tastes of people and the taste of lemons, but only explained the reasons for the price situation on the market. We would also like to recall that Meyer lemons were popular many years ago in Europe and in other countries. However, for the reasons described by us in the article, they finally lost the competition to other lemon varieties. Therefore, they are mainly now grown in Europe only by amateur farmers.

10 days have passed since the publication of the article, and the situation with lemon prices got worse. Wholesale lemon prices in Tajikistan have already fallen to $0.29/kg, but demand is still extremely low. Many farmers still do not harvest lemons, not seeing the possibility of selling them.

Retail prices for local lemons in Uzbekistan in Korzinka, Makro, and Magnum supermarkets have frozen at $1/kg. The retail price of lemons in Tajikistan still does not rise above $0.50/kg, i.е. it is twice lower as in Uzbekistan.

Sellers of lemon seedlings and other citrus fruits in the region are seeing a sharp decline in demand. At the same time, they are trying to convince farmers that prices will return to previous levels. And this is possible, especially if many producers refuse to grow lemons, and their supply will become equal to the demand of the domestic market again.


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