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Lemons in Poland cost less than a year ago

Prices for lemons in Poland have remained at a very low level since January, according to analysts of the EastFruit project with a link to the Fresh-Market website. Traders offer these citrus fruits in large wholesale at 3.00-5.50 zlotys/kg ($0.81-1.49/kg) depending on the country of origin, packaging, and quality of the products offered. Today, the offer of lemons on the Polish market is represented from two countries: Turkey and Spain. That being said, it should be noted that Turkish lemons are usually cheaper than Spanish ones.

The low prices for lemons in the current season are the result of the increased supply of these citrus fruits on the Polish market. The USDA estimates that the EU’s 2020/21 lemons will be harvested at 1.6 million tons, which is approximately 160,000 tons greater than a year earlier. It is important to note that the estimated growth in consumption of lemons is approximately 150,000 tons with a decrease in imports by about 30,000 tons. However, processing of lemons will be greatly reduced, according to USDA estimates, by 150,000 tons as a result of the pandemic and the closure of the HoReCa channel.

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Today, lemon purchases are much lower than during the first wave of the pandemic, which also puts pressure on prices in the citrus segment.

However, come this spring, wholesale prices for lemons may change both in the European and Polish markets. The supply of lemons from Spain and Turkey decreases significantly in the spring. Argentina continues to have a European lemon embargo and Argentina’s harvest is expected to be 30% lower than last year. It can be assumed that prices for lemon will rise. Maybe not as fast as a year ago, but the reduction in the supply of these citrus fruits will affect pricing most likely.


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