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Increased demand provokes price growth in the onion market in Ukraine

Prices for onions in Ukraine have increased again after the New Year holidays, EastFruit project analysts report. Market participants explain the positive price trend with the increased demand for onions from wholesale companies and retail chains. At the same time, most Ukrainian producers prefer to keep high-quality onions in storage waiting for even greater price increases.

Onions on the Ukrainian market have risen in price since the beginning of the year by an average of 12% compared to the pre-New Year price. Today, most farmers ship onions no cheaper than 25-28 UAH/kg ($0.68-0.77/kg).

As project experts comment on the situation, the rise in prices for onions in Ukraine during this period is natural for a season with relatively small production. To date, farmers have almost finished the sale of onions from non-equipped storage facilities, and higher-quality onions are sold at a higher price, as the demand for them has remained steadily high in recent days.

Notably, because of the price rise, onions in Ukraine cost on average 3.4 times more than in the same period of 2022. Still, farmers are confident that the prices will keep rising since the stocks of high-quality onions on the farms are very limited. Moreover, most farmers declare their intention to further revise prices upwards, provided that the current sales rates are maintained.


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