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In Tajikistan, prices for hot pepper increased five times

As cold weather came to the country, prices for hot peppers on the market of Northern Tajikistan have jumped sharply, and farmers from neighbouring regions of Uzbekistan immediately took advantage of it. They are increasing the supply of this product to Tajikistan and are selling it for 30 somonis ($2.65) per kg.

At the end of last autumn, 1 kg of hot pepper in the markets and retail chains of Tajikistan cost 4-5 somoni ($0.35-0.44). Now 1 kg of pepper grown in Tajikistan costs 20 somonis ($1.76).

In the Republic of Tajikistan, the harvesting of hot peppers in the season of 2020 has finished. Tajik farmers typically do not store this product in refrigerated warehouses. Besides, the bulk of locally grown hot peppers have already been sold. These factors led to a shortage of hot peppers on the local market and, as a result, prices for it have skyrocketed.

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Today the price of hot pepper in the markets of Tajikistan is five times higher than last year. The retailers of hot peppers explain the sharp increase in prices by the demand from the population, who use hot peppers in winter diet to increase their immunity.

“The demand for this product has sharply increased as cold weather came,” notes Fayzullo Khasanov, a retailer of hot peppers at the Panjshanbe market in Khujand. “It inevitably led to an increase in the price of this product. Noticing this, the farmers of neighbouring Uzbekistan promptly increased the supply of hot peppers to Tajikistan. Because of better quality, hot peppers imported to Tajikistan from Uzbekistan are more expensive on the Tajik market and are sold at an average price of 30 somonis ($2.65) per kg.”


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