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In Moldova, snowfalls and strong winds threaten vineyards of Pergola type

Due to heavy snowfalls in some areas in the South of Moldova, the snow cover thickness reaches 40 cm or more. Combined with strong winds, it threatens the table grape vineyards of Pergola type due to their high profile and “windiness.”

Several years ago, due to similar weather conditions in the country, there were cases when the Pergola-type vineyards collapsed. The plantation owners have suffered significant losses: investments in creating Pergola-type vineyards exceed $40,000 per hectare.

Vineyards of Pergola type, partially covered with sheeting or protection nets, and vineyards and farms in greenhouses may be in the riskiest position at the moment. Experts recommend winegrowers to inspect the constructions and remove snow. And for the future, in the process of planting new vineyards like Pergola, it is recommended to use reinforced cables, anchors, and support posts.

Regional associations of table grape growers estimate that in 2020 the total area of vineyards such as Pergola and Gable exceeded 300 hectares. Moreover, last year, Moldovan farmers planted at least a hundred hectares of Pergola type vineyards. According to statistics, table grape plantations in the Republic of Moldova are just over 17,000 hectares.


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