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In Moldova, prices for onions are twice lower than last year

In Moldova, the maximum wholesale prices for onions have not exceeded above 3 lei/kg ($0.18/kg) since the second decade of November. The current price is twice lower than in December 2019.

This autumn and winter, prices for almost all field vegetables were comparatively low. Still, at the moment onions are the only commodity in the group of root crops, the average price of which shows almost no signs of growth. Last week, only the price of local onions of the lowest quality increased by about $0.01-0.02/kg.

According to CEOs of Moldovan large vegetable-growing farms, the current situation looks alarming since the local onion market stagnates even under conditions of relatively low imports of inexpensive onions, particularly from Ukraine. They fear that next year, with the increase in seasonal imports of the basic assortment of vegetables, local producers will have no chance of increasing prices for onions. Meanwhile, the stocks in vegetable farms’ storage facilities at least not lower than in last year’s same period of the season.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that due to the tightening of COVID-19 restrictions, vegetable growers expect a decrease in demand for main types of products from HoReCa and social and educational institutions.


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