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In January 2022 Moldova exported 86% more apples than in January 2021

According to the customs service of Moldova, about 26 000 tonnes of apples were exported from the country in January of this year. 19 500 tonnes were exported in December 2021, in January 2021 – 14 000 tonnes. The volume of January exports in 2022 came close to the lower limit of the volume of Moldovan apple exports in the “pre-pandemic period” 2018-2020: 27 000-35 000 tonnes.

About 24 000 tonnes of apples from Moldova were supplied to Russia in January. This is the first time in many years when the share of Russian market in the export of Moldovan apples in the first month of the year was less than 95%. Last month, Moldova exported apples to more than a dozen countries, with volumes ranging from 40 tonnes (UAE) to several hundred tons (Belarus, Kazakhstan).

According to traders, “the demand for Moldovan apples in Russia was relatively stable in January, but the price level for their purchases is low.” According to their estimates, the main share of apples (red apples of average and high quality) was supplied at a price of 5.5-7.5 MDL/kg ($0.30-0.41/kg).

Representatives of agricultural producers’ associations hope that the volume of apple exports in February will not decrease compared to the previous month (as it usually happened in February 2018-2020). According to their estimates, at least 150 000-160 000 tonnes of apples from last year’s harvest remain in the the cold storage facilities. The main share of these apples is of export grade quality.


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