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Imports from Turkey are pushing down the tomatoes prices in Ukraine

After a two-week rise in prices, a downward price trend has been noted in the greenhouse tomato market of Ukraine, EastFruit project analysts report . The main reason for the decline in prices was the massive supply of Turkish tomato to the Ukrainian market. At the same time, today the supply of tomato in local plants is limited due to small batches and cloudy weather.

At the moment, Ukrainian greenhouses are selling tomatoes at 50-60 UAH/kg ($1.37-1.50/kg), which is on average 10% cheaper than a week earlier. It should be noted that Turkish tomatoes entered the Ukrainian market this week at UAH 45/kg ($1.23/kg).

According to representatives of greenhouse complexes, the demand for local tomatoes began to decline markedly. They attribute the current situation to the appearance of cheaper Turkish products on the market.

At the same time, Ukrainian greenhouses are currently selling tomatoes on average 2 times more expensive than at the beginning of October last year. Most of the key market players consider the reduction in prices in the greenhouse tomato segment to be a temporary phenomenon since there are not so many local tomatoes in Ukraine, and Turkish products are in demand today not only on the Ukrainian market.


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