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Final volumes of table grapes stored in Moldova are short of expectations

The harvesting of late varieties of table grapes was completed last week. According to the growers, the harvesting was abruptly ended amid worsening weather conditions. Due to the sharp cold snap at night, the table grapes left unharvested perished – table grapes that growers on some plantations left unharvested to increase the sugar level are unlikely to be sold even for processing. The losses due to late harvest are small – on average, about 5-7%. At the same time, representatives of associations believe that much less than 30 thousand tonnes of table grapes were stored. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAIA) earlier forecasted that at least 35-40 thousand tonnes would be stored.

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Employees of associations note that most of the grapes harvested in the second half of October were immediately sold, mainly for exports. According to the growers, this was facilitated by good purchase prices offered by traders – about 10-12 MDL/kg ($0.57-0.68/kg).

Mainly Moldova grapes from the southern and southeastern regions of the country were stored. The level of their sugar content reached 20-22% average at the end of the harvesting.


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