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High-quality walnuts are becoming more expensive in Moldova

The 2021 walnut harvest is delayed by two to three weeks in Moldova. In fact, the real range of their starting wholesale prices was formed only in mid-October. The average price for inshell walnuts at the start of the marketing season was already lower than last year – 25 MDL/kg ($1.43/kg) versus 30 MDL/kg ($1.76/kg), and significantly higher than the level of October 2020 for walnut kernels– 100 MDL/kg ($5.73/kg) versus 85 MDL/kg ($5.0/kg). The starting price level for inshell walnuts and kernels held out for quite long last year – several weeks, whereas this year prices began to change almost immediately after walnuts of new harvest became available on the market. The prices for low-quality walnut are going down, high-quality ones are growing.

According to EastFruit price monitoring, the minimum wholesale price for inshell walnuts on the Moldovan market decreased by about 2 MDL/kg by the end of this month – to 20 MDL/kg ($1.14/kg), while the maximum price level remained almost unchanged – about 30 MDL/kg ($1.71/kg). The minimum and average price level of walnut kernels also did not change in October – 95-100 MDL/kg ($5.44-5.73/kg), but products of better quality rose to 110 MDL/kg ($6.30/kg).

It should be noted that the increase in prices for high-quality walnuts (both kernels and even inshell sometimes) is explained by accelerating of the harvesting in the most technologically advanced walnut farms. In this case, we are talking mainly about walnuts of the varieties “Chandler”, “Fernor”, “Lara”, “Peschansky”, etc. At the same time, nuts of some outdated local varieties (among them, experts note “Kazaku”, “Skinoasa”, “Kostyuzhen”, etc.) are distinguished by both low yield and quality in 2021.


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