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Growing table grapes with Pergola technology is becoming popular in Moldova

Largul Holdelor farm (Grigorievka village, Causeni district, Moldova) has 10 hectares of vineyards planted several years ago with the Pergola system. The yield of table grapes on these plantations amounted to about 20 t/ha in a dry 2020. Whereas no more than 15 t/ha was harvested from classical vineyards (vertical espalier) in this farm.

This year, given the promising weather conditions at the start of the season, Largul Holdelor hopes to harvest about 35 t/ha of high-quality table grapes from Pergola-type vineyards.

There are already three small vineyards utilizing intensive vine training trellising such as Pergola and Gable systems in the Transnistrian region. Among the first, a vineyard in the village of Meleesti, district of Grigoriopol, was founded with the financial and technical support of the USAID’s Effective Agriculture of Moldova (APM) project.

According to experts, the area of vineyards utilizing ​​Pergola and Gable system in the Republic of Moldova has increased from few hectares to about 300 hectares over the past 5 years. The Pergola and Gable systems increase the yield and ensure the highest quality of table grapes (up to 90% of the yield).

This technology also makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of agricultural work, in particular, to carry out high-quality phytosanitary treatments during the growing season and to organize the harvesting process. However, Pergola and Gable systems require higher capital investments and frost-resistant grape varieties and irrigations systems are a must.


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