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Greenhouse production of vegetables and lemons is increasing in Tajikistan

Fresh vegetables are available all year round. The greenhouse business is actively developing in Tajikistan. Agrarians produce tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and export them. MIR 24 explains.

You can set your watch based on the schedules of greenhouse workers: they are ready at eight in the morning sharp, with no exceptions for holidays and weekends.

Dilbar Oidnazarova is the best plant grower in the farm. She jokingly compares herself to a kindergarten teacher – she both brings up young personnel and grows vegetables.

“For me every plant is like a child who needs my love and care. There is no good harvest without such an approach,” Dilbar Oidnazarova, a greenhouse worker, said.

They plant eggplants, cabbage and beetroot, sweet and hot peppers, and the high-demand cucumbers and tomatoes.

“This is a Turkish tomato variety. To begin with, we planted 5 thousand seeds and we’ll see what happens,” the head of the greenhouse, Khushvakht Bedimolov said.

The farm is owned by Khushvakt Bedimolov. He started with two small greenhouses 8 years ago, and there are almost 30 greenhouses on the farm today. Abdukarim Yuldashev has been one of the main assistants all these years. They both had worked in agriculture before, but still had a lot to learn.

“Outdoor, the harvest depends on the weather – temperature, precipitation and much more. And in greenhouses, we ourselves create the necessary climate, and there are many subtleties. However, the weather outside influences it sometimes,”- the foreman Abdukarim Yuldashev said.

It is always warm and sunny here in the south of Tajikistan, but there are also frosts down to -5 in winter. For these episodes, heaters were installed. All the producers in the neighborhood did the same. In total, 80 hectares are with greenhouses in the Kushoniensky district. This is the highest rate in the Khalton region.

“Of course, the most important thing is to provide the domestic market with fresh vegetables and fruits, and in the future, to establish export as well. By the way, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia are already buying our local lemons,” Khojazoda Amirali, chief specialist of the Khatlon region’s economy department, said.

In this greenhouse paradise, 400 lemon trees were planted just four years ago, and the first harvest is expected next year.

“We plan to export up to 50 tons of products to neighboring countries. In the future, we plan to expand the area of ​​lemon tree nurseries, since lemon is a very healthy citrus fruit and is in demand is exploding” the head of the farm Gulom Salokhov said.


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