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Greenhouse cucumber sales in Russia fell after the holidays

The post-holiday period was marked by a sharp decline in prices for greenhouse cucumbers in the Russian market, EastFruit project analysts report. According to the growers themselves, the buyers’ demand for cucumbers dropped noticeably after the holidays, affecting prices. At the same time, wholesale companies did not have time to sell all the available stocks. As a result, the quality of cucumbers in storages is rapidly deteriorating, aggravating the situation on the market and causing a price decline.

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According to the daily monitoring of the project, cucumber prices in the Russian market have fallen by an average of 17% since the beginning of the year. Today, local plants offer cucumbers in the range of 135-190 RUB/kg ($1.81-2.55/kg). At the same time, producers note that they are forced to reduce prices even in the face of a rather limited supply of local cucumber, since most plants have not yet begun to sell cucumbers of a new turnover.

In addition, prices for local cucumbers are pressured by cheaper imports, the bulk of which is supplied from Kazakhstan. Imported cucumbers are sold from 125 RUB/kg ($1.68/kg).

However, despite the significant reduction in price, today greenhouse cucumbers in Russia cost an average of 45% more than in the same period last year. Nonetheless, market operators note that the supply of cucumbers in local greenhouses is low, and supplies from the external market are unstable. Therefore, they do not exclude that the situation in this segment may change dramatically next week.


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