HomeNewsGreat sourcing opportunity for onion importers – price in Tajikistan fell to for US $0.18/kg at wholesale!

Great sourcing opportunity for onion importers – price in Tajikistan fell to for US $0.18/kg at wholesale!

While Ukraine continues to break price records for onions – last week wholesale prices here reached $1.18-1.34 per kg – prices continue to fall rapidly in Tajikistan. As of the end of last week, according to EastFruit analysts, wholesale prices for onions in Tajikistan have already fallen to 18 US cents per kg! Please note that we are talking about onions of 2023 crops, the harvesting of which is in full swing here.

It is interesting to note that this is not the lowest price for onions recorded in Tajikistan during this period of the year. In 2020, at this time, new crop onion prices were as low as $0.14 USD per kg, and in 2021, they are at a shocking level of only 8 US cents per kg!

Moreover, we are talking about wholesale prices for onions sold in relatively small volumes. One can buy onions from a farmer directly, as a rule, even cheaper. However, such onions will need to be sorted and prepared for exports, which means significant additional costs. It is also possible to negotiate a lower purchase price of onions when buying large quantities.

We also note that in neighboring Uzbekistan onions are much more expensive – here prices reach $0.39 USD per kg of onions. The main reason for the comparatively higher onion prices in Uzbekistan is the high pace of onion exports and easier and cheaper logistics. Also given the high prices for onions in Europe, it is obvious that fast logistics is more important for buyers than a low price, since the margin allows you to make good money anyhow. Nevertheless, we expect that in the near future the interest of importers in the purchase of onions from Tajikistan will also grow significantly.


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