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Georgian table grapes are being sold at record high prices

EastFruit analysts are exploring the new table grape season in Georgia.

Average wholesale prices are about 1.70-2.00 GEL/kg ($0.60-0.70) for white and red table grapes, respectively. The annual price increase is 10-30%. The prices usually remain stable for the next 2-3 weeks and start rising in October as the season comes to an end and stocks are reduced.

During this early period (week 35), wholesale prices are the highest ever in EastFruit’s monitoring history. So far, the record was in 2021. In addition to the increase in production and maintenance costs often reported by fruit, nut and vegetable growers in Georgia, market research has identified some specific developments in the table grape business.

A large volume of table grapes deteriorated this season as rainy weather has brought disease. Growers who didn’t manage to deal with or avoid them are now forced to sell their grapes for processing at 1/3-1/4 current prices. Some vineyards were damaged by hail.

These impacts on supply volumes are one of the factors that provoked the price rise. In addition, demand must be high, which is also an important condition. The following trend is observed now – retail chains require more and more table grapes every year, as the sector is developing rapidly. Moreover, there are quite a lot of foreign visitors in the country, which is likely to boost demand.


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