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Georgia strengthens its position in the olive market

George Svanidze, Chair of the International Olive Council and founder of the Georgian company Olivka, told Business-partner that Georgia will host their first International Olive Assembly in 2021. Ministers of Agriculture representing 17 countries will arrive in Georgia to attend the international session, and with them leading world-class olive producers.

The 112th Session of the Council of Members of the International Olive Council was planned to be in Georgia for 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it was held remotely from Madrid instead. The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia Levan Davitashvili took part in this online forum.

As Mr. Svanidze stated, the fact that Georgia will host the International Olive Assembly next year confirms that Georgia is one of the strategic countries for the development of olive production. According to him, since Georgia became an official member of the International Olive Council in 2019, the organization considers it as the third hub in Europe, after Italy and Spain.

“To a certain extent, this will attract investments, new olive processing facilities will be created, and the products will be delivered to Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and China through Georgia,” said George Svanidze.

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The Council of Members nominates a Chair for one year from among the delegations of the Members, which is rotated among the IOC Members. According to Mr. Svanidze, for the first time in its history, member state Georgia was elected twice.

“For the first time in the 60-year history of its existence, I have been elected IOC Chairperson for 2 terms. Accordingly, Georgia will remain the chairing country of the organization for the next year, and I am its chairperson,” George Svanidze emphasized.

The International Olive Council was established in 1959 in the capital of Spain, Madrid. The Council includes 48 countries of the world.


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