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Georgia: Get advice from European fruit experts on how to improve your products for exports. Sign-Up Now!

This July, a selected group of farms will have the chance to cooperate with a value-chain expert from Fruit Consultancy Europe that provides advisory services in order to better prepare farms for exports to European markets.

The is led by Evla in collaboration with Kalo , with support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia and with media support of EastFruit.

Around 20 farmers will be selected and invited to this free event. The possibility to join the event is open and the organizers are calling for any candidates who are interested to sign up.

Throughout the 20-23 July, the expert from Fruit Consultancy Europe will be visiting the farms of the invited candidates in order to give advise and answer questions on-site. This gives farmers valuable tailored guidance on how to improve the exports readiness of their specific products.

Fruit Consultancy Europe has extensive knowledge on DCFTA requirements and also has a great network among EU-based fruit buyers. Participating farms who show potential could therefore have the chance to be connected to these buyers. This is a great opportunity for any farmer who is currently in the process of preparing their goods for exports, either to Europe or elsewhere.

If you are interested in attending this event please read the following conditions for sign up:

Firstly, because Fruit Consultancy Europe operates in Fruit consultancy, participating candidates must be engaged with the farming of fresh fruits (for example: berries, stone fruit, table grapes, apple, citrus, kiwi, etc.)

Secondly, the candidates must be in the process of acquiring or already have relevant export certifications (like Global GAP).

If you fit the conditions for participation in this event, please send an email to: [email protected] with your contact details.


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