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Fruit processing plants in Moldova resumed buying industrial apples

At least two Moldovan enterprises started to accept apples for processing in puree in 2022, right after the January holidays. Currently, industrial apples are purchased at the prices of the end of last year – 1.20-1.40 MDL/kg ($0.07-0.8/kg).

The volumes of deliveries are still small – from several tens to several hundred tonnes per day. Producers of apple juice concentrate are most likely to also be included in the purchasing of raw materials, as soon as the country warms up.

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According to the Association of Producers of Canned Fruits and Vegetables Speranța Con, the purchase of apples is now limited by weather conditions and the specifics of production logistics: puree producers can accept and store apples in containers for a short time, but concentrate producers cannot. However, the resumption of processing of industrial apples in the first half of January is not typical, as it usually resumes no earlier than mid-February.

Probably, the launch of factories at the beginning of the year is also due to the fact that the country maintains a high December rate of apple exports in the first work weeks of 2022. Rejection of products is usually high when sorting and forming export batches during such periods.

Presumably, sales of low-quality apples left in storage facilities of agricultural enterprises sharply intensified in Moldova in January, taking into account the cold weather. Obviously, most of such goods are supplied for processing.


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