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For the first time, Moldova may sell more plums to the european market than to the russian

According to the associations of agricultural producers of the Republic of Moldova, by mid-October 2020, Moldova exported a little more than 43 thousand tons of plums of the new crop, that is, about the same (44 thousand tons) as at the same period last year. Meanwhile, this year the plum harvest in the country, according to expert estimates, is about 40% lower than last year’s level (109 thousand tons). And one more important fact: of the mentioned export volume of Moldovan plums of the harvest-2020, about half (almost 22 thousand tons) was sent to the EU market.

Experts of the Moldovan agrarians’ associations believe that by the beginning of November no more than 3-5 thousand tons of plums remained in the refrigerators of agricultural and trading enterprises of the country. Most of this product can be classified as “export”.

Like last year, which was also dry, small plums account for a large share in the crop structure. However, as gardeners note, in 2020, the plum suffered little from hail, diseases, and pests. That is why it has good organoleptic characteristics and is stored for a long time without loss of quality.

Moreover, in Moldova, more than 70 agricultural enterprises, many of which grow plums, have been certified according to GLOBAL G.A.P. and GRASP standards, as well as accumulated experience of successful product export to the European market. Moreover, traders from some countries (Germany, Austria) prefer to buy unsorted and small plums in Moldova. Taking this into account, the operators of the Moldovan fruit market assume that by the end of the current season, the export of Moldovan plums to the EU will for the first time exceed the volume of supplies to the Russian Federation.


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