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First half of 2020, Uzbekistan exported agricultural products to 59 countries

In January-June, Uzbekistan exported 719 thousand tons of agricultural products worth $ 415 million, Kursiv.kz reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic.

Uzbek fruits and vegetables are shipped to 59 countries. The bulk of exports were vegetables – 451.2 thousand tons in the amount of $ 144.4 million, and 138.7 thousand tons of fruit were delivered in the amount of $ 143.3 million. The export of legumes and grapes amounted to 50 and 28.7 thousand tons, respectively ($ 49.8 million and $ 32.2 million). The export of nuts reached 4.4 thousand tons for $ 13.1 million. The supply of melons is also equal to 4.4 thousand tons for $ 2.3 million.

The main buyer of Uzbek fruits and vegetables was Kazakhstan. For six months, the volume of exports to this country in monetary terms amounted to $ 130.2 million. Products worth $ 106.8 million were sent to Russia, and agricultural products totaled $ 70.8 million were exported to Kyrgyzstan. Afghanistan purchased agricultural products from Uzbekistan worth $ 24.2 million. Shipments to China and Pakistan totaled $ 13.4 and $ 12.3 million, respectively.


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