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Figs can become a new niche product of Moldovan fruit growing – opinion

Fgs grown in the countries of the southern hemisphere (Brazil, Chile) became available in some supermarket chains and boutique retailers in Chisinau (Moldova) in April. The price in chains exceeds 470 MDL/kg ($26.57/kg), or 23-25 ​​MDL per piece in fruit and vegetable boutiques. The quality is average and below average, according to EastFruit. Nevertheless, figs are rare to be sold in Moldovan stores even in summer, during the season of European (Balkan) figs. However, we can assume that there will be a few, but wealthy buyers of them.

Professors of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Forestry and Environment of the Technical University of Moldova believe that taking into account climate change – noticeable warming, the commercial production of heat-loving fruit will become possible in the country soon. The cultivation of figs in rural households in the southern part of the country has become almost commonplace over the last five years. Usually, figs grown there are consumed and canned at home, which has intensified since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The main problem for the industrial production of figs in Moldova, according to experts, was winter and spring frosts. However, in the last two or three years they have rarely been below 9-10 degrees Celsius. In households, they are fought with smoke, sheltering fruit crops. Large fruit growers are increasingly using diesel anti-frost units, trying to mitigate frost with micro-dispersed water spray, etc. By and large, the main factor for starting the production of figs and some other heat-loving fruit trees is only the right choice of plots for orchards and their fencing with windbreaks.


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