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Exports of carrots to Ukraine caused a price increase on the Polish market

According to the daily monitoring of the EastFruit project, interruptions in the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout Ukraine, due to hostilities in part of the country, have a large impact on the level of wholesale and retail prices in the fruit and vegetable segment on the Polish market. In particular, Polish producers report that carrot prices have risen significantly this week.

Today, most Polish export-oriented companies deliver carrots to Ukraine, while their supply on the Polish market is also rapidly declining, causing a significant increase in prices in this segment.

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Most Polish grower currently do not sell carrots cheaper than $0.24-0.31/kg, which is on average 22% more expensive than last week.

As a result of this increase, carrot prices on the Polish market are on average 14% higher than at the end of March last year. Moreover, most market players are sure that prices in the segment will keep rising, as there is already a shortage of carrots on the market, while both domestic and export demand remains quite high.


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