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Exports of apples from Moldova in May 2021 – another negative record

According to the Customs Services of Moldova, in May, this year, slightly over 18 thousand tons of apples were exported from the country. The leaders of the organizations of growers and traders hoped that the volume of apple exports in May would exceed the indicator of the previous month (in April – about 20 thousand tons). However, despite the revival of supplies of Moldovan apples to the Russian market in the first half of May, by the end of last month, traders failed to keep a high rate of exports.

In May 2020, Moldova exported a slightly less than 25 thousand tons of apples, in May 2019 – about 21 thousand tons, in May 2018 – almost 15 thousand tons. The statistics of the last three years show that in June the export volumes of Moldovan apples are sharply reduced – to 3.2-5.2 thousand tons.

Meanwhile, according to the estimates of fruit growers’ associations, tens of thousands of tons of apples remain stored by growers and traders in Moldova. Despite the fact that by the end of the first week of June, prices for apples of almost all varieties decreased compared to their level in the last decade of May by 1-1.5 MDL – to 6.5-11 MDL / kg ($ 0.36-0, 61 / kg), the rate of exports is decreasing.

In parallel with the stagnation of sales of apples for the fresh market, there is an increase in their supplies for processing but factories currently pay no more than 1.5-2.0 MDL / kg ($ 0.08-0.11 / kg) for a processing grade apple of the last year’s harvest.


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