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Exporting own products, Ukrainian berry growers choose stability – opinion

The Ukrainian berry continues to conquer the world markets even despite the fact that in the domestic market this year, blueberries’ price was much higher than its export value.

This opinion was expressed by the director of LLC Brusvyana (Ukraine, Zhytomyr region), which produces seedlings of fruit and berry crops, Liliana Dmitrieva, in an interview with AgroFM.

“This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian berry market is quite chaotic. Depending on the product’s quantity and quality, the seller can adjust the product’s price almost every day. This does not apply to those manufacturers who have already signed contracts with retail chains,” said the director of Brusvyana LLC.

At the same time, Liliana Dmitrieva noted that many companies with a stable production volume are currently working for the future, choosing export markets even at a lower price than in the domestic Ukrainian market.

“The advantage of working in foreign markets is the manufacturer’s ability specialist to sell the entire volume of available products with the conclusion of contracts for the next season. Thus, we can say that many Ukrainian producers choose stability,” emphasized the berry market specialist.

She also noted that the Ukrainian Blueberry brand already exists on the Singapore market. However, the direct suppliers of berries to this country are intermediary companies, namely Italian or British. “Despite the fact that the berry makes its way from Ukraine to Holland or Great Britain and then only ends up on Singapore’s shelves, Ukrainian blueberries are competitive and popular in this market.

Several Ukrainian companies are currently working on the implementation of direct supplies to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. I am sure that if the Ukrainian berry without a week’s journey through Europe will directly get to the markets of Asian and Middle Eastern countries, then its popularity there will only increase,” said Liliana Dmitrieva.

At the same time, the director of Brusvyana LLC emphasized that the berry must be of high quality. “This is ensured by the timely application of fertilizers and watering of the seedlings. Also, the berry must be picked on time, with the optimal amount of sugar that it accumulates. The crop after harvesting is cooled, packaged, and sent to the consumer, and these procedures have precise timing. If you follow it, you can get the most out of your business,” the market specialist summed up.


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