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Early cabbage has become available in Uzbek markets. What are the prices?

About ten days ago, sales of early cabbage of local production started in supermarkets and retail markets of the capital of Uzbekistan. The retail prices are about 4 times higher than the prices of white cabbage, which is explained by the very limited supply of early cabbage on the domestic market, EastFruit experts note.

According to market participants, early cabbage is now available in minor volumes, and small batches are supplied to the markets and retail outlets of the country’s capital. Considering that the demand for the novelties of the season is usually quite good, prices for early cabbage are high.

On February 21, 2023, the Korzinka chain announced the start of sales of the novelty of the season, early cabbage, in the chain’s supermarkets in the capital. It was sold at 13 490 UZS ($1.2) apiece. The average weight of early cabbage is about 600 grams; thus, the price was 22 500 UZS/kg ($2.0).

Around the same time or a little later, early cabbage also became available in the retail markets of the capital of Uzbekistan. Last week, it was sold in the markets at prices ranging from 9 000 to 14 000 UZS (from $0.80 to $1.2) per item, depending on the size. Given that the weight of early cabbage ranges from 450 to 700 grams, an average retail price is 20 000 UZS/kg ($1.8).

For comparison, in supermarkets and in the markets of the capital of Uzbekistan, the current average retail price of white cabbage is 5 000 UZS/kg ($0.44).

According to farmers from the southernmost region of the country – Surkhandarya region, where large batches of early cabbage are the first to come from, shipments of wholesale batches are expected to start from March 15-20, i.e. in about two weeks.


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