HomeNewsDue to the worsened situation with COVID-19 in Moldova, berry producers are returning to online trading

Due to the worsened situation with COVID-19 in Moldova, berry producers are returning to online trading

According to representatives of the Pomușoarele Moldovei Association of Berry Producers, against the backdrop of a worsening epidemic situation in the country and the associated reduction in working hours, as well as stricter control over the activities of urban fruit and vegetable markets, their visitors’ traffic is reduced. The resumption of work (in a limited format) of HoReCa facilities did not lead to an expected increase in sales of berries. Probably, in this case, the declining incomes of the population and the caution of buyers, frightened by negative news, are also of high importance. In this situation, individual farmers who managed to acquire a stable customer base in social networks during the lockdown, or who used the services of home delivery services, decided to resume this sales practice.

According to the chairman of the association, Annette Ganenko, a relatively small but rather active group of farmers appeared in the spring and early summer, selling up to several hundred kilograms of berries daily in a pre-order format through the Internet. Prices for products in this trading format are slightly higher and more stable than in the wholesale and retail markets. After the opening of markets, online sales declined slightly, but now they are likely to begin to recover.

Moreover, as the very hot weather returns to Moldova, a certain category of consumers, including those who appreciate the convenience of home delivery services for berries upon pre-order, will continue to use it more actively.


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