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Drought in Moldova has significantly affected the volume and quality of table grapes of the 2022 harvest

Moldovan vineyard experts say that the growth of berries has sharply slowed down on many table grape plantations since the beginning of July due to very hot and dry weather. Even if there are irrigation systems, they are not coping well enough. In such a situation, it is recommended to carry out the next stage of thinning – removing the least developed clusters from the bushes.

Earlier, viticulture industry experts forecasted that after last year’s large harvest of table grapes (more than 100 000 tonnes), the harvest in 2022 would decrease by about 25-30%. To improve the quality, the specialists of viticulture associations advised reducing the load on the bushes to approximately 10-14 t/ha, depending on the availability of irrigation, a feeding plan and other conditions for a plantation. According to some agronomists, due to drought and bad weather forecast for the next two weeks, it would be reasonable to reduce the potential yield load on vines to 7-8 t/ha in July.

But even in this case, farmers should consider that the quality of table grapes (the size of bunches and berries) is likely to be low this year. In late June – early July, diseases (oidium, etc.) and pests (thrips) began to spread in the vineyards. However, thanks to the protective measures taken and a sharp increase in atmospheric temperature, the vine growers managed to bring the phytosanitary background back to normal. However, there is still risk.


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