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Demand for carrots in Ukraine grows due to the lower supply

Prices for carrots in Ukraine began to rise on the eve of the New Year holidays, while the trade in the segment has also been growing over the past 2 weeks, EastFruit project analysts report. Experts explain the increase in carrot prices by the fact that many local producers are running out of high-quality carrots, as their harvest was rather poor this year.

Ukrainian farmers are currently selling carrots at 17-24 UAH/kg ($0.46-0.66/kg), which is on average 16% more expensive than before the New Year holidays.

The project experts explain the upward price dynamics in the Ukrainian carrot market with the rapid reduction in the supply of carrots in local farms. Many farmers have already sold almost the entire carrot harvest, and most large farms are shipping exclusively under previously concluded contracts.

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Carrots in Ukraine currently cost on average 2.3 times more than in the first half of January 2022. Industry experts attribute this to a decrease in carrot production in the country. In addition, many farms faced issues with the storage of carrots, as the quality was initially bad because of adverse weather conditions.


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