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Cucumber prices keep growing in Ukraine and the trend will continue in the near future

Analysts of the EastFruit project report a new rapid increase in prices in the segment of greenhouse cucumber on the Ukrainian market. The main reason for the rise in prices was the rapid reduction in the supply of cucumbers on the market, while the activity of buyers remains stable. Today, only a few factories in Ukraine are shipping cucumbers of the current turnover, and the main offer on the market is imports from Turkey.

Greenhouse cucumbers go on sale at 35-45 UAH/kg ($1.33-1.71/kg) today, which is on average 45% more expensive than last week. According to representatives of greenhouse sector, the current rise in prices in the segment of greenhouse cucumber is not yet the limit. Prices will continue to grow, as the supply on the market remains rather limited. Growers themselves are forced to raise selling prices due to the rise in energy prices.

It is worth noting that prices for Turkish cucumber have also skyrocketed. Today, they start from 35 UAH/kg ($1.33/kg), whereas they did not exceed 25 UAH/kg ($ 0.95/kg) at the end of last week. At the same time, given consistently high demand, wholesale traders announced their intention to increase prices for imported cucumbers in the near future.

We add that greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine are already on average 38% more expensive today than at the beginning of November 2020. The key market players agree that there will be no cheap cucumbers in Ukraine this season. Prices in this segment will continue to grow further, as we have written earlier, greenhouse business faces challenges not only in Ukraine, but in most EU countries, too.

We will discuss more details on greenhouse vegetable trade in Ukrainian supermarket chains on the first international conference “Retail Forum-2021” on December 2. Investments in fruit and vegetable production in greenhouses will be covered the next day, December 3, within the framework of the 17th International conference “Vegetables and fruits of Ukraine-2021. New investment opportunities”.


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