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Carrots prices in Ukraine increasing rapidly again due to Russian attacks

This week carrot prices, according to EastFruit, increased sharply again.  Stocks of carrots are getting low very quickly and due to power outages caused by terrorist attacks by Russian Federation on civil infrastructure of Ukraine, preservation of carrot quality even in the modern storage facilities is a major challenge.

Moreover, occupation of the southern regions of Ukraine, where lions share of Ukrainian carrots were grown, affected the carrot production. Consequently, supply remains low, and prices are much higher than usually, provoking imports.

Today carrots in Ukraine are sold for UAH 20-25/kg (US $0.55-0.68/kg), which is on average 17% more expensive than at the end of last week. Today the price of carrots in Ukraine is 2.2 times higher than at the end of January 2022.

However, prices of carrots are also growing in Poland, where Ukraine usually sources vegetables in the case of shortages. Thus, price of carrots could reach rather high levels at the end of the season, as it is unlikely that the South of Ukraine would be liberated from the occupiers by the time planting campaign starts. Consequently, local production of early carrots could reach local market later than usual and in smaller volumes.



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