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Carrots in Ukraine are twice as expensive as a year ago

Prices for carrots in Ukraine began to rise on the eve of the New Year holidays. Analysts of the EastFruit project report that the trade is also gradually intensifying in the last 2 weeks. Experts explain the increase in carrot prices by the fact that many local producers are running out of stocks of high-quality carrots, while wholesale companies and retail chains have begun to actively replenish their carrot stocks after the New Year holidays.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, the prices for carrots in Ukraine vary within 7-11 UAH/kg ($0.25-0.40/kg) today, depending on the quality, batch size and region of production. Thus, carrots have risen in price by an average of 19% since the end of December last year.

Market participants explain the price rise in this segment by a noticeable reduction in carrot supply on the market. To date, the sales of carrots from storages without cooling equipment have been mostly completed. The supply of substandard carrots has also noticeably decreased, which in turn allowed producers to raise prices for high-quality ones.

Note that as a result of the rise in prices, carrots in Ukraine are on average 2.2 times more expensive today than in the same period last year. Nevertheless, most of the key market players agree that the current price increase is temporary, and a bigger rise in prices is expected by the end of the season.


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