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Cabbage season in Ukraine started 10 days later than last year

The first batches of cabbage from the new harvest arrived on the Ukrainian market. With a 10 days delay compared to the previous season. The reason for this was the late spring, due to which the ripening of cabbage in the greenhouses of Transcarpathia and the southern region of the country is greatly delayed. According to the daily monitoring of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project, early cabbage from the greenhouses is offered today in small volumes by individual farms in the Transcarpathian and Odessa regions.

Prices for the first batches of cabbage of the new harvest on the market so far vary in the range of UAH 22-27/kg ($ 0.79-0.96/kg), which actually corresponds to the price for the first batches of cabbage last season.

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As for last year’s cabbage, the demand is starting to decline, as are the prices. To date, cabbage of the 2020 harvest is sold at 2.5-4 UAH/kg ($0.09-0.14/kg), while the stocks are still quite significant. Farmers who have large enough stocks of last year’s cabbage are concerned about further price reductions in this segment. As the supply of early cabbage on the Ukrainian market begins to increase, and prices for it decrease accordingly, the price of cabbage from last year’s harvest may actually drop to production’s cost.


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