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Cabbage prices in Ukraine are five times higher than last year

Cabbage has risen in price in Ukraine this week, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to the key market players, it is mainly export-oriented companies that initiate the increase in prices in this segment. They began to purchase Ukrainian cabbage for further resale to Belarus this week. Moreover, most of these cabbages are subsequently sold on the Russian market.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, many large farms refuse to sell large volumes of high-quality cabbage in the hope of selling it on more favorable terms. At the same time, the demand in the segment is gradually growing, enabling other growers to raise their prices. Today, most Ukrainian growers are already selling cabbage at 7-10 UAH/kg ($0.26-0.37/kg), which is 26% more expensive on average than at the end of the last week.

At the moment, the price of cabbage in Ukraine is already 5 times higher on average than in December 2020. Most of the key market players do not exclude that the rise in prices may continue next week, if large farms keep refusing to sell cabbage.


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