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By 2025, Russia will produce 2.2 million tons of fruits and berries

In 2020, Russian farmers had a record harvest of fruits and berries in the sector – 1.22 million tons. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, by 2025, this figure will have increased to 2.2 million tons.

The increase in production volumes is merely due to the high pace of establishing modern intensive gardens and nurseries. The new perennial plantations in 2020 amounted to about 16,000 hectares, which is 40.4% more than the target of the State Program of the AIC.

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The activity of investors and government support measures facilitate the development of the industry. Incentive subsidies reimburse part of the costs of starting and caring for perennial fruit and berry plantations. Other support measures include preferential investment and short-term lending, compensation for direct expenses incurred for the creation and modernization of agricultural facilities.

One of the critical tasks for further developing the industry is creating competitive varieties of fruit crops, the growth of scientific and human potential, affordable high-tech specialized agricultural equipment for farmers, and the modernization of infrastructure facilities.


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