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Blueberry exports are declining and prices are falling in Georgia

EastFruit analysts note that June 2022 blueberry exports lag behind 2021 exports. Decreased exports turned quite bad for Georgian blueberry producers: increases in the local supply and reduced export metrics have already translated into the lowest blueberry prices observed in the EastFruit’s history.

Blueberry exports in June 2022 amounted to 426 tonnes, 13% lower in year-on-year terms – 400 tonnes were sent to Russia. In FOB terms value of exports was $2.8 million, only 8% lower than in June 2021. Average price per kilogram from the official statistics for June equaled $6.70/kg (FOB), the highest price observed in June. Despite the latter, average price paid to the local farmers remains way much lower.

According to EastFruit’s price monitoring, mostly as a result of the increased supply and competition both on the local and Russian markets, farmers’ blueberry prices in Georgia have fallen from $6.80/kg in the beginning of June to $2.70/kg in the beginning of July.


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